Doctor Who: The Runaway Coming Soon

Doctor Who: The Runaway

Exterminate! Exterminate! Crank up your TARDIS and slap on your bow tie because soon you’ll be on an adventure across time and space in virtual reality! The BBC is currently at work on a Doctor Who VR experience placing you (the viewer) in the shoes of a new and unlikely companion. Details on the project are scarce but it has been confirmed that this exciting opportunity to become the Doctor’s companion comes with the usual brand of peril. Doctor Who: The Runaway An interactive VR narrative set in the Doctor…

Colosse VR Review

Colosse Review - Oculus Rift, FalseDogs

If an ice cream cone mated with Shadow of the Colossus… Colosse introduces a new brand of storytelling with a surprising amount of style and charm. This 360 animation uses viewer directed storytelling to produce a more interactive virtual experience. Basically, where you choose to focus can direct the narrative in a very subtle way. You won’t be able to suddenly conjure up a bazooka or rocket car but this is an innovative leap forward. Colosse Review “Colosse: A Story in Virtual Reality” by ColosseTeam Watchu Lookin’ At? In Colosse, you watch as…

Ghost in the Shell VR Review

Ghost in the Shell VR Review

Living an anime fantasy twenty years in the making… To fully appreciate and understand my anticipation for the “Ghost in the Shell VR Experience”, jump inside this DeLorean DMC-12 as we plunge back to the mid-1990s! It was a simpler time; I was away at school, I still had hair and routinely bombarded my roommates with anime movies and other assorted nerdery. The 1995 Ghost in the Shell animated movie is still considered a timeless classic in the genre of Japanese anime.

In the Colon VR Review

In the Colon VR Review - FalseDogs

The end was probably a bad place to start… I was determined to do something special for the very first FalseDogs video review. After careful consideration, the answer had been in front of me all along (or in this case behind). Of all the possible virtual wonders and unique VR landscapes to choose from, my path was clear and I prepared to dive deep into a virtual colon.