No Man’s Sky VR: Hope or Hype

No Man's Sky VR - Hope or Hype?

Interest in virtual reality has been on a steady decline for some time. There’s no question that a lack of that “must have” VR app or a virtual experience with genuine replayability has been at the heart of this slump. We’ve been dazzled by new and very promising looking Standalone headsets and other hardware set for release in 2019 but until recently, the content consumers can readily enjoy in VR has turned out to be lackluster at best. Will a recent surge of promising PS VR titles turn the tide?…

VR Gaming’s Greatest Foe, The Gaming Industry

VR Gaming's Greatest Foe - The Gaming Industry

Your best friend can be your worst enemy. Video games have helped shape an entire generation of consumers, designers, engineers, and even firefighters. Most people probably couldn’t even imagine a time when games didn’t have a solid foothold on our culture or influenced how we spent our free time. Video games have moved into the mainstream and massively popular titles have turned meager development studios multi-billion dollar code factories that employ hundreds or even thousands. Will all the infrastructure, competition and brainpower powering the biggest video games of today be…

PolyRunner VR Game Review

PolyRunner VR Game Review

Flying along in my spaceship! Prepare to skim boldly across a digital landscape in PolyRunner VR. This virtual reality game delivers on two fronts for me because it lets me fly in VR and it’s free. Score! PolyRunner VR is a space-flight-runner game where the goal is to simply keep going until you crash. It’s a simple concept and if you’ve played other popular Indi titles like Race the Sun, you have a general idea.