PolyRunner VR Game Review

PolyRunner VR Game Review

Flying along in my spaceship!

Prepare to skim boldly across a digital landscape in PolyRunner VR. This virtual reality game delivers on two fronts for me because it lets me fly in VR and it’s free. Score! PolyRunner VR is a space-flight-runner game where the goal is to simply keep going until you crash. It’s a simple concept and if you’ve played other popular Indi titles like Race the Sun, you have a general idea.

PolyRunner VR Game Review

“PolyRunner VR” by Lucid Sight Inc.

Stay on target! PolyRunner VR has the distinction of being one of the very first VR games I downloaded from the Oculus Library. It’s a casual game but once you get going it’s more than possible to have a long and rewarding play experience. If you’re anything like me you’ll be fondly reminiscing about The Last Starfighter or The Boston Rockship as you sour majestically towards the horizon. For anyone not born in a different century, it may feel a little different.

PolyRunner VR Game Review - FalseDogs - Onset Photo 01
Darrell Playing PolyRunner VR, FalseDogs

The art style found in PolyRunner VR is simplistic but it works for this type of game. Your eardrums are pounded with techno music as you blast and weave your way to the next level. The only real enemies in this VR game are the terrain and your own bumbling clumsiness. Certain death looms on the horizon.

Multiple Ways to Fly and Die

In PolyRunner VR you’ll get three different control styles to choose from and can select from first or third person view. You can fly by “Look”, “Tilt” or with a Bluetooth controller. For this video review, we focused on the Look and Tilt options as its more fun to watch me flail around. I used the Gear VR headset but you can enjoy this game on multiple platforms.

PolyRunner VR Game Review, FalseDogs
PolyRunner VR by Lucid Sight / Gameplay, FalseDogs

The look fly mode is a fun, casual way to enjoy PolyRunner VR and the Tilt option is a total clusterf*ck. Avoid the tilt option like the plague unless you enjoy feeling your brain rattle around inside your skull and without any real payoff.

PolyRunner VR Game Review - First Person View - FalseDogs
PolyRunner VR by Lucid Sight / First Person View, FalseDogs

First person view felt so damn good and was more rewarding than playing in the default third person view.

Pain in the Neck or Virtual Flight School?

Gameplay can get a little repetitive but the folks at Lucid Sight try to keep it fresh with a variety of terrains. This is a casual game and does introduce users to the possibilities of more sophisticated VR games. PolyRunner VR is worth checking out especially if you were born to fly across alien worlds like I was.

PolyRunner VR - Gear VR - FalseDogs
Samsung Gear VR, PolyRunner VR, FalseDogs

PolyRunner VR is available on Steam, Google Play and at Oculus.

Make the Kessel Run in twelve parsecs! 

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