Oculus Go Review

Oculus Go Review

Strap your face into the future!

They’ve finally done it. The Oculus Go could very well become the blueprint for VR headsets moving forward. Experts agree the device undeniably allows more casual consumers to enter the market and enjoy the wonders of virtual reality. That’s some mighty fine work right there and the Oculus Go is only a stepping stone for the more robust Oculus Quest set to be released later in the year. The virtual reality marketplace just got a whole lot bigger but why are people responding so positively to the Go? Limitations in the device may still keep hardcore VR fanatics away but can the Go’s versatility and easy-to-use design dictate future development?

Oculus Go Headset
The Oculus Go Headset

Oculus Go Review

There’s a bit of a marketing blitz around the Oculus Go and it became one of the more popular gift ideas for the 2018 Holiday Season. But why? We’ve seen headsets come and go in the past and nothing seemed to have really captured the hearts and minds of the curious masses.

Oculus Go, FalseDogs
Oculus Go – FalseDogs

The Oculus Go is designed to make virtual reality more accessible while still providing a satisfying way to interact within VR. Since the launch of popular PC headsets like the HTC VIVE or Oculus Rift, development and how we interface with VR seemed to be mainly influenced by gamers and gamer ideals. That changes now.

Oculus Go and Controller, FalseDogs
Oculus Go and Controller

The Oculus Go places emphasis on VR video, intuitive communication, and simple point-and-click apps and for most, that fits like a glove. The design is suited for users more accustomed to a remote control than a game controller and that’s sort of the idea.

Oculus Go Controller in VR
The Oculus Go Controller in VR

VR Made For Everyone

Not everyone on Earth can dive into the newest FPS game and is a wizard with their thumbs. Many people genuinely have problems moving around in a 3D space when they are given ultimate control. The Go caters to a much wider audience so that the young and old alike can enjoy VR and without the need to reprogram their brains in the process. This is important and the intuitive nature of the controls and the simplicity of the headset makes jumping into virtual reality a less intimidating experience. While games like Dead and Buried and Shooting Showdown 2 are available to play, VR gamers looking for a rich, highly-immersive experience might want to look elsewhere.

Ned the Demo Head - Oculus Go
Ned the Demo Head – Oculus Go

Those already familiar with the Oculus Home and Account options from the Rift or the Gear VR will find themselves in familiar territory. The Oculus Go successfully streamlines common conventions that have now had over two years to cultivate and grow within the community. The timing was just right for a slick, lightweight and user-friendly alternative to bulky and more expensive alternatives.

Oculus Go Controller - Merry Snowballs, VR Game
Oculus Go Controller – Merry Snowballs

There are No Strings on me…

The Oculus Go has one thing going for it that other headsets have a hard time competing with. This is a completely standalone headset meaning that it does not require a PC or a smartphone to use. Think of the Go as a hybrid of the Oculus Rift and the Gear VR but this time all the hardware is right in the headset. No phone, no sensors, nothing. You’ll enjoy an amazing amount of freedom as the headset itself simply tracks the position of the controller and bam… You’re off the Matrix!

The Oculus Go - Front View
Oculus Go – Front View

The Oculus Go comes in 32GB and 64GB versions but we decided to go with the larger of the two. As VR games and apps become more sophisticated, the 32GB limit would feel too damn constraining. Keep this in mind if you’re looking for a fun way to take your virtual adventures on the road. Don’t let the name fool you, the Oculus Go is perfectly at home sitting right there with you on the sofa.

In battleship grey, the Go looks slick and simple to use. At the top, you’ll find a power button and volume controls. That’s it. All other functions are on the handy Oculus Go remote that’s powered by a single AA battery. On the side, a USB port and optional audio jack can be found but the headset does handle spacial audio pretty well with built-in speakers.

The Oculus Go - Side View
Oculus Go – Side View

The head straps are easy to adjust and the padded interior lining is comfortable and replaceable. The Go also comes with an insert for those who wear glasses so everyone can jump enjoy the 360° shenanigans. The lenses on the Go really place this VR headset in a league of its own. The end result is a clear and wide field of view and an experience you can enjoy for extended periods of time.

The Power is in Your Hand

The Oculus Go’s controller is surprisingly responsive. When you’re navigating the Oculus navigation menu or within apps, you can see a virtual representation of the controller to give you a point of reference. You actually get a sense of weight in VR and using the controller is simple and intuitive.

The Oculus Go VR Headset and Controller
Oculus Go VR Headset and Controller

The controller was designed with simplicity and comfort in mind and it has everything you’ll need to navigate your time in VR. You’ll find a trigger, back and home buttons along with a circular trackpad you can use for precision selections. Using the controller, we had no trouble selecting apps and games or interacting inside them. It felt like a tighter and more responsive experience compared to the Gear VR’s controls.

Oculus Go Controller in Virtual Reality
The Go Controller in Virtual Reality

Pokemon Go and Get yourself a Go

The Oculus Go is an impressive piece of hardware. This headset is exactly what the market needed right now as a user-friendly and accessible way to enjoy VR content. Virtual Reality as a medium is still in its infancy. The Go makes it easier for consumers to dive into VR and it does its part to remove the stigma that this technology is only for the gamer or techie elite.

The Oculus Go - VR Made Easy
The Oculus Go – VR Made Easy

The Oculus Go does a superb job in delivering a quality experience to the average Joe and at a decent price. Pandora’s box may have just opened up.

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