It’s such a good vivration…

Not to be undone by Oculus Rift, the VIVE is now available at a new low price. This is big news as the VIVE, normally retailing at about $800 USD is now marked down by $200 USD.  Now seems to be the best time to pick up an HTC VIVE but why cut the price now? Will the new $599 USD price tag entice more consumers into taking the plunge into premium virtual reality?

The Great VIVE Sale

We quickly approach the holiday season but is this fact enough to make HTC cut the price of the VIVE by $200 USD? Most industry experts point to the Oculus “Summer of Rift” sale as the main driving force behind this reduced price. No matter how you look at it, soon a whole new batch of consumers will be diving into VR. Content creators couldn’t be happier with this price drop as more and more virtual users will be enjoying their work.

The HTC VIVE – Headset and Controllers

This significant discount also gives new VIVE owners the chance to splurge on other accessories like the VIVE Tracker. The Tracker has been available for some time now and allows you to bring a wide range of objects into virtual reality with you. The purchase also comes with a free month trial at Viveport so you can jump into the virtual fun right away.

Reasonable Prices for Unreasonable Times

Many are still hesitant on spending their money on a VIVE even now. Some consumers fear the VIVE’s reduced price is simply foreshadowing its demise. New developments bring opportunities for standalone headsets and much more. Welcome to the new Wild West. Dan O’Brien, VIVE US General Manager has assured the media that he expects the VIVE’s relevance to extend into late 2018. For the folks at VIVE, this sale is genuinely more about expanding the market than clearing the shelves for better gear.

As premium virtual reality becomes more accessible, the industry will evolve. We’ll not only see more folks plugged in but we’ll also see more advancements with standalone headsets and controls. The VIVE sale should be a good thing for the industry as more discovers the wonders of the medium.

See you all in VR!

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