From Milana with Love – Gia Milana

Gia Milana - From Milana with Love

Sensuality is cranked up to eleven in this VR sex experience from MILF VR. Busty Latina diva Gia Milana is featured in her debut appearance at the brand and her fans are excited to indulge with Gia in 180-degrees. Strap yourself in and prepare to be face-to-face with a true big tit goddess in this virtual sex simulation and sexy stamina test. Will you make it to the end?


Gia Milana at MILF VR
Gia Milana | MILF VR

From Milana with Love | Gia Milana VR

Producer | MILF VR

Release Date | September 11, 2019

Runtime | 46 Minutes

Sex Positions | Cowgirl, Doggy Style, Missionary, Reverse Cowgirl

Content Tags | Big Cocks, Big Tits, Blowjob, Brunette, Couples, Cum on Stomach, Kissing, Latina, Pussy Masturbation


Milana, Gia Milana. This hardcore vixen has a style all her own and a swagger that is hard to match. You find yourself at her mercy, but she doesn’t expect you to talk… She expects you to screw! Gia takes a real hands-on approach and makes the day all about you. When you want a sense of class in your piece of ass, From Milana with Love is the perfect place to start.

Her sexy curves are almost too much to handle, but this Peurto Rican XXX Princess will show you exactly what buttons to push… And we’re not talking about ejector seats!

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Enter From Milana with Love at MILF VR

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