Excel Spreadsheets in VR

Excel Spreadsheets in VR - Microsoft Mixed Reality Update

Move over Tony Stark, because sh*t just got real.

The day has finally come. You’ve been feverishly dreaming of a time where you could do anything on your computer in virtual reality and that day is closer than ever. Microsoft has just released a new Insider preview build for Windows 10 and the contents are interesting, to say the least. Build 18329 is now available to folks who are part of the early access preview group and one feature gaining some attention is the fact you can run Win32 apps (traditional 2D apps) in Windows Mixed Reality.

Dreaming of Excel in VR
Darrell Dreaming of Excel in VR

Are you thinking of that special desktop app you want to experience with the awe-inspiring beauty of virtual reality? Soon you’ll be jumping in and out of all your favorite programs using your VR headset or with a HoloLens AR headset. Can you control your excitement? If you really want to indulge in Excel spreadsheets, photoshop or nearly any other app in VR, you can. What a world we live in!

The Office of the Future, Today!

Can you imagine a typical office workspace converted into a futuristic wonderland thanks to VR? Suddenly Sally down in accounting looks like some cool, steampunk cyborg and Brett from marketing is spending all his time in VR porn.

VR at the office - sort of.
That’s not how VR works.

Could this possibly make us more productive? Maybe… Couldn’t hurt.

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