Dell Visor Mixed Reality Headset

Dell Visor Mixed Reality Headset

Dell, now someplace other than your office cubicle!

Move over Oculus and VIVE because Dell is crashing the party! Dell (the company behind the logo you stare at while you’re at work) has been developing a mixed reality headset. It’s an exciting time as companies begin to explore new possibilities and design based on how people use technology. By including dual front-facing cameras, Dell obviously sees a future in augmented reality (AR) and mixed reality content. The outside world is about to get more interesting! You can’t get your hands on the Dell Visor quite yet but pre-orders were available starting on September 14th. Once Dell VR headsets hit the shelves October 17th will we see content creators produce more sophisticated and engaging AR and MR?

Dell Visor Mixed Reality Headset

Now that Dell has thrown their headset into the ring, will we see more people jump into virtual reality and augmented reality? Experts around the industry are hopeful that this will be a welcome addition to the landscape.

Dell Visor - Front
Dell Visor Mixed Reality Headset – Front View

While we’ve seen a handful of standard emerge in terms of design, the world of VR hardware is the new “Wild West”. Valve is working on their Knuckles controllers, VIVE and Google on a standalone Daydream concept and we see new crazy VR gloves every day. Human sacrifice, dogs, and cats living together, mass hysteria! While the Oculus and VIVE have emerged as winners in the premium VR market, Dell’s design seamlessly blends AR and MR into your experience.

Pre-orders can be done at the official Dell website with a price of $349.99 USD. The controllers are listed $99.99 but you can get yourself a bundle for $449.99 USD. The relatively accessible price will be appealing to consumers especially as new standalone headsets cone onto the market. These two facts combined may have been the driving force behind the recent price drop for the Oculus Rift and the HTC VIVE.

The Specs

The Dell Visor HMD has a sleek and streamlined look. It features a solid adjustable ring similar to the PlayStation VR for added comfort and stability. Right away, you’ll notice the pair of front-facing cameras for AR and MR applications. There are 1440X1440 LCD viewing panels on the interior to deliver a clear and immersive field of view. A Rep for Dell states that those with glasses will find the experience comfortable.

Dell Visor - Side
Dell Visor Mixed Reality Headset – Side View

You’ll be tethered to your PC with a USB and HDMI cable but that should come as no surprise. You can quickly escape the wonders of virtual reality by flipping up the face and without removing the headset. 

Motion Controllers
Motion Controllers – Dell Visor

The controllers will look familiar if you’ve used an Oculus and the button configuration is intuitive and logical. Keep a Bluetooth Xbox controller around for VR content that’s not compatible with the controllers. 

Motion Controllers - Dell Visor
Motion Controllers

A Lighthouse or external camera isn’t required as the tracking and play area is handled by the HMD. The ASUS and Acer designs look different on the outside but they all have very similar innards. 

Late to the Party?

With standalone VR headsets on the horizon will Dell fill a genuine need or will they fall behind Oculus and VIVE? As the market grows and we see this technology applied in different ways, the Dell headset will most likely have a role to play. Those who aren’t prepared to shell out a min for a standalone headset might just look at Dell.  The official launch date is planned to run parallel with the release of the highly-anticipated Windows 10 Creators Update on October 17th. 

Timing can be everything.

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