Colosse VR Review

Colosse Review - Oculus Rift, FalseDogs

If an ice cream cone mated with Shadow of the Colossus…

Colosse introduces a new brand of storytelling with a surprising amount of style and charm. This 360 animation uses viewer directed storytelling to produce a more interactive virtual experience. Basically, where you choose to focus can direct the narrative in a very subtle way. You won’t be able to suddenly conjure up a bazooka or rocket car but this is an innovative leap forward.

Colosse VR Review - FalseDogs
“Colosse: A Story in Virtual Reality” by ColosseTeam

Colosse Review

“Colosse: A Story in Virtual Reality” by ColosseTeam

Watchu Lookin’ At?

In Colosse, you watch as a lone tribesman or fisherman or some sort of human-like thing with a spear explores an inhospitable landscape. There’s no actual dialogue in Colosse but the style, music, and other sound effects make up for it. A short narration provides some context. As our hero traverses the terrain you discover he’s not alone. Long lost and massive creatures or “COLOSSE” roam these lands. Things are starting to get interesting.

Colosse Review - FalseDogs
“Colosse: A Story in Virtual Reality” by ColosseTeam | The Colosse

Viewer directed storytelling is integrated well and in a subtle way. Your focused gaze will influence actions and where key events take place but this added control does not significantly impact the overall narrative.  In other words, it’s hard to f*ck this up even if you’re not paying attention. No pressure.

Colosse Review, The Colosse - FalseDogs
“Colosse: A Story in Virtual Reality” by ColosseTeam | Curious Colosse

Creative Style and Innovation

As the story progresses you get a much closer look at the Colosse and the surroundings. There’s just enough variety and color to bring life to this bleak landscape. You watch on as the story unfolds inside your VR headset. Our hero seeks some cover but has an encounter he was not expecting.

Colosse Review, Photo from Colosse on Oculus Rift
“Colosse: A Story in Virtual Reality” by ColosseTeam | “Hang On!”

There’s a sense of depth and weight in terms of the setting and the Colosse itself. You can feel the Earth-shattering footsteps as it bounds around. You’ll also feel legitimate emotions as the main character struggles with this unbelievable sequence of events.

It must have been a Monday.

Winter Wonderland or Yellow Snow?

The art style in Colosse: A Story in Virtual Reality is simple but charming. I can’t help but mention the Colosse’s goofy grin and beedie eyes but that’s all part of the look. The interactive storytelling element demonstrates what can be done in 360° narratives and paints an exciting picture for the future.

We tried Colosse on the Oculus Rift and you can also get it on steam.

Watch out! It’s coming right for us!

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