In the Colon VR Review

In the Colon VR Review - FalseDogs

The end was probably a bad place to start…

I was determined to do something special for the very first FalseDogs video review. After careful consideration, the answer had been in front of me all along (or in this case behind). Of all the possible virtual wonders and unique VR landscapes to choose from, my path was clear and I prepared to dive deep into a virtual colon.

In The Colon VR Review

“Journey Inside the GI Tract” by Hybrid Medical

Was it destiny for me to bravely trek onwards and upwards into a VR colon? Or had this courageous adventure been inspired by curiosity? Maybe it was both. The Samsung Gear VR headset was my preferred way to plunge boldly into the unknown but those with a Cardboard or Daydream can indulge too!

In the Colon VR Review - Samsung Video Library
Samsung Gear VR Video Library, FalseDogs – “In the Colon VR Review”

I used my trusty Gear VR to navigate the Samsung Video Library and found what I had been searching for. My virtual apartment was as swanky as ever but with a swipe and a click, I materialized inside a human colon. What a magical world we live in!

In the Colon VR Review - Healthy Tissue
“Journey Inside the GI Tract” by HybridMedical – “In the Colon VR Review”

“Journey Inside the GI Tract” is a 360 animation created by HybridMedical. This is an educational VR experience but I’ll admit that I was probably too busy acting like an ass to really learn anything. I’d never discredit the work of the creators or the merit of this VR animation. Frankly, the name alone hooked me at first sight. But what about you folks without any mental defects or social issues? Meh.

In the Colon VR Review - On Set Photo
Darrell @ Falsedogs, On Set – “In the Colon VR Review”

To boldly go…

So anyway, I was floating up this virtual colon and the level detail was so impressive that it bordered on nauseating. I mean that in a good way. The fact that I was uncomfortable probably suggests this is an accurate simulation.

In the Colon VR Review - On Set Photo
Darrell in Gear VR @ Falsedogs, On Set – “In the Colon VR Review”

When I say, “I was floating up” keep in mind I don’t think HybridMedical was very specific about the direction I was traveling. I naturally assumed I was traveling up and I wasn’t quite sure if that made me feel better or worse about either my situation or myself. It “felt” like going up. Does that make sense?

In the Colon VR Review - Inflammation
“Journey Inside the GI Tract” by HybridMedical – “In the Colon VR Review”

As I approached the end, a healthy colon faded to one covered with ulcers and that’s when things got interesting. This was one of the best trips deep inside a colon that I’ve experienced in weeks. It easily ranks among the top five.

An Educational Journey or a Descent Into Madness?

As with the other examples found in the HybridMedical’s library, this 360 animation of a virtual colon demonstrates the potential of virtual reality to teach and be applied in a practical hospital setting. I’ll admit there was a point where I hit a meandering part of the road and I felt a little queasy. The irony of the situation was not lost on me.

If you play with fire, you’re gonna’ get burned.

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