Buying Foreign – Natasha James

Buying Foreign - Natasha James

Russian doll Natasha James invades virtual reality in Buying Foreign. Her debut virtual scene at MILF VR adds to their collection of one-on-one scenarios and delivers greater variety in a brand known for casting legendary adult performers. Feel like you’re at the dirty end of a James Bond film when this beauty from behind the Iron Curtain starts talking. Her accent will excite and tantalize you in this 180-degree trip into naughtiness.


Natasha James in Buying Foreign - MILF VR
Natasha James | MILF VR

Buying Foreign | Natasha James VR

Producer | MILF VR

Release Date | September 20, 2019

Runtime | 63 Minutes

Sex Positions | Cowgirl, Doggy Style, Missionary, Reverse Cowgirl

Content Tags | Big Cocks, Big Tits, Blonde, Blowjob, Couples, Cum on Hands, Cum on Stomach, Kissing, Russian, Spreadeagle


You’re living the American dream and a big part of it is your Russian trophy wife, Natasha James. Today is Natasha’s birthday and just when you thought your bank account was safe, this cum-crazed Cossack comes knocking for a big, big gift. This sounds like a job for your dick right? You’re halfway there because Natasha also has eyes on your sportscar! She has a need, a need for speed!

Your slick wheels are up for grabs in this all-stakes game of “hide the Kolbasa”! Will your sexy time be enough of a distraction for you to escape with your keys? Or will you recover from this ball-busting birthday in time to see her drive away? Grab your VR headset and take an exotic trip with this blonde diva. Select from a variety of video resolutions and use streaming or downloadable options to control your time in virtual reality. Get ready and strap yourself in for a wild ride because Natasha fucks like a MiG Fighter Jet!

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