Better Late than Wetter – Lena Anderson

Better Late than Wetter - Lena Anderson

It’s been three long years away at college without laying eyes on your favorite neighbor Lena Anderson. You’ve both grown up and in Better Late than Wetter, it’s time to show her what you’ve learned away at school. In another exciting, feature-length virtual reality sex scene from WankzVR, you’ll get comfortable with your virtual headset for some one-on-one time with the gorgeous Lena.


Lena Anderson in Better Late than Wetter
Lena Anderson | Better Late than Wetter

Better Late than Wetter | Lena Anderson VR

Producer | WankzVR

Release Date | July 11, 2019

Runtime | 47 Minutes

Sex Positions | Cowgirl, Doggy Style, Missionary, Reverse Cowgirl

Content Tags | 60 FPS, Big Cocks, Blowjob, Brunette, College, Couples, Creampie, Kissing, Small Tits


While you’ve been away at college your mom has given the neighbor Lena permission to use the pool whenever she wants… Score! It feels like fate running into Lena as she makes her way to the pool, you’ve always had a thing for her. She’s only gotten hotter while you’ve been away and you haven’t wasted the college experience, in fact, you’re ready to show her a thing or two.

Lena tries to make good on her plans to swim, but as she strips down in front of you it becomes obvious the only part of her that’s going to get wet is her pussy. Today is the day that she makes good on a fantasy you’ve both shared, and bizarrely, it’s all thanks to your mom! Think about that for a moment.

Enter Better Late than Wetter at WankzVR

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