ARCore Update, Augmented Faces and More

ARCore Update - Augmented Faces and More

A new update to ARCore means more Android apps will be able to offer enhanced AR features and to make lives easier for users and developers. ARCore 1.7 adds Augmented Faces, Sceneform object animations and a host of UI enhancements designed to make AR in Android apps more dynamic. This leap forward was possible by simply updating existing software and making use of standard front-facing cameras, without the need for LG G8’s depth-sensing hardware or similar tech.

As excitement for augmented reality (AR) grows, we see more and more examples of it’s use each and every day. Fun and engaging AR elements in Instagram and Snapchat have captured the hearts and minds of millennials everywhere.

Millennials and AR
Millennials an AR

The practical uses for AR are far from limited to augmented selfies, but the fact we’re bombarded with photos of people in bunny ears illustrates the demand for AR content. ARCore is an evolving framework and the software development kit by Google used to build AR applications.

Augmented Faces

Building upon existing software, Augmented Faces uses the Android’s current front-facing camera to first recognize a face, then apply a 468-point 3D mesh. This mesh or mask automatically tracks and changes with the subject’s movements. This can all be used to apply a wide range of textures, objects or include retouching and more subtle effects.

ARCore 1.7 Demo - Augmented Faces
Augmented Faces | ARCore 1.7 Demo

An early sample demonstrated the fluidity of the process showing us how a golden metallic mask with smooth contours can quickly be applied.

Sceneform Object Animations

Another welcome addition in ARCore 1.7 is more support for Sceneform animations, giving new life to objects with updated transitions and a variety of actions. Soon, AR app developers will be making all manner of creations bounce, jump and spin into our existence.

Plane Finding & Object Manipulator

Adding further potential, other elements like a refined Plane Finding surface detector plus a multi-axis Object Manipulator can be integrated into AR apps without the fuss and muss of hand-built features. Thanks to this update to ARCore Elements, detecting surfaces and manipulating virtual objects becomes easier and creations can be resized with a gesture.

Augmented Reality (AR) at Work
Augmented Reality at Work

Funny Faces and Funny Places

The ARCore 1.7 update makes real AR app development more accessible and provides a new range of possibilities for eager developers. Visit the ARCore download management page at the Android developer site to grab version 1.7.0 (SDKs available for Java, C, iOS, Sceneform, and for Unity.) This timely update should be welcome news to any to anyone seeking to enrich augmented reality for Android users. Get the full list of supported devices and read more at the Google developers blog.


Now there’s nothing keeping you from developing that next big game changer in AR. As Augmented reality frameworks continue to evolve, we can’t wait to see what the future holds.

When opportunity knocks, you answer.

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