Laid in Full – Lena Anderson and Alex Blake

Laid in Full - Lena Anderson and Alex Blake

In Laid in Full at WankzVR, you’ll form a tangled trio with Lena Anderson and Alex Blake. These two young hotties rent a fabulous place from you and all you want to do is collect on their rent. They’re forgetful, ditsy, and total knock-outs with an idea for how they can make this month’s payment that you’re going to love, in fact, you might just make it a monthly deal! Strap on your VR headset, Lena and Alex are teaming up to show you what good tenants they are in Laid in Full.

Rub-Down Under – Isabelle Deltore

Isabelle Deltore - Rub-Down Under

You’re only doing your job in Rub-Down Under, and it’s the best job in the world because it means that you get to put your hands all over the deliciously sexy Isabelle Deltore. This wonder from down under is a sweet little blonde with amazing curves and is one of our favorites at MILF VR. Grab your virtual headset because this massage is going to go deep… Real deep!