The Valve Knuckles Controllers

Valve Knuckles Controllers - FalseDogs News

I can’t wait to fumble things in VR… Things are really moving in the world of VR. Considering that standalone headsets are just around the corner, more sophisticated and intuitive hand controls are inevitable. Valve is gaining momentum and is poised to set the standard in precision control with the development of the Knuckles Controllers. Only select developers have had a chance to get their hands on the Valve Knuckles so you’ll need to exercise patience. In the meantime, what can we look forward to?

VR Porn Review – Trespassers Beware

SFW VR Porn Review - Trespassers Beware

Living the sordid life of Commander Riker… With so many exciting and insightful VR experiences out there why did we decide to do a VR porn review? It’s VR porn! Come on people! Why else were there Holodecks on the Enterprise? I’m not really interested in letting Moriarty escape and gain control of Engineering so virtual reality sex it is! I decided to check out WankzVR because the forums and review sites gave them top marks for star power and quality. I don’t really know much about pornstars myself but…

Oculus Rift Sale – Summer of Rift

Oculus Rift Sale - Summer of Rift

Cool deal from Oculus for the Summer of Rift… The Oculus Rift sale, “Summer of Rift” is in full swing giving consumers the chance to purchase an Oculus Rift bundle for only $399 USD. The deal started July 10th and is reported to span 5 weeks. If you haven’t had a chance to try premium VR, now is your best chance. Once the Summer of Rift is over, you’ll be able to get the Rift and touch controller bundle for a new reduced price of $499 USD. This remarkable deal…

Ghost in the Shell VR Review

Ghost in the Shell VR Review

Living an anime fantasy twenty years in the making… To fully appreciate and understand my anticipation for the “Ghost in the Shell VR Experience”, jump inside this DeLorean DMC-12 as we plunge back to the mid-1990s! It was a simpler time; I was away at school, I still had hair and routinely bombarded my roommates with anime movies and other assorted nerdery. The 1995 Ghost in the Shell animated movie is still considered a timeless classic in the genre of Japanese anime.

In the Colon VR Review

In the Colon VR Review - FalseDogs

The end was probably a bad place to start… I was determined to do something special for the very first FalseDogs video review. After careful consideration, the answer had been in front of me all along (or in this case behind). Of all the possible virtual wonders and unique VR landscapes to choose from, my path was clear and I prepared to dive deep into a virtual colon.