VR Porn Review – Woman of Wonder

Wonder Woman VR Porn Parody - Woman of Wonder SFW Review, FalseDogs

This feels like fulfilling some sort of VR destiny… This marks the second time I venture deep into the world of VR sex. Like any other red-blooded adult male, I need a steady stream of violence, pizza, and pornography to survive. Thanks to the wonders of virtual reality, nearly all my needs are satisfied from the comfort of my sofa. When I discovered “Woman of Wonder” the Wonder Woman VR porn parody I almost fell off that sofa! Prepare yourself because we’re about to get “super freaky”. SFW VR Porn…

PolyRunner VR Game Review

PolyRunner VR Game Review

Flying along in my spaceship! Prepare to skim boldly across a digital landscape in PolyRunner VR. This virtual reality game delivers on two fronts for me because it lets me fly in VR and it’s free. Score! PolyRunner VR is a space-flight-runner game where the goal is to simply keep going until you crash. It’s a simple concept and if you’ve played other popular Indi titles like Race the Sun, you have a general idea.

VR Porn Review – Trespassers Beware

SFW VR Porn Review - Trespassers Beware

Living the sordid life of Commander Riker… With so many exciting and insightful VR experiences out there why did we decide to do a VR porn review? It’s VR porn! Come on people! Why else were there Holodecks on the Enterprise? I’m not really interested in letting Moriarty escape and gain control of Engineering so virtual reality sex it is! I decided to check out WankzVR because the forums and review sites gave them top marks for star power and quality. I don’t really know much about pornstars myself but…