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FalseDogs is a digital entertainment and media service focused on emerging technology, VR, AR, and enriching the user experience.

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FalseDogs | About Us – We produce engaging and professionally edited video content, text and social media strategies for entertainment and educational brands. Custom and scalable media solutions from FalseDogs provide an easy and encouraging path to discover new and ways to engage and interact with your audience.  We bridge the gap between your business and the leading technology of the day.

The FalseDogs Blog publishes insights into new tech and trends in virtual reality,  augmented reality and more. If you strap something to your face to watch videos, play games or learn we’ve got you covered!

FalseDogs is committed to influencing and promoting key developments in virtual reality and augmented reality.

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Learn how VR, AR, XR, and similar technologies are developed and are applied in entertaining, practical and rewarding ways. We tackle topics like AR and VR at the workplace, virtual sex, the future of mixed reality and other trending topics in the world of technology.

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Traverse new and amazing virtual landscapes and see far away places while you sit comfortably on your sofa. We’ll also see a lot of cool things that go vroom and boom and dive into a wide range of 360° videos, VR games, AR and more.

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FalseDogs Studios is nestled in the heart of sunny Windsor, Ontario. Each frame is lovingly recorded with a pinch of magic and a dash of whimsy.

FalseDogs VR, AR, MR - Windsor, Ontario

FalseDogs is dedicated to producing quality 360° VR and digital media content to help redefine storytelling, marketing, and learning. Stay tuned for new developments and announcements!

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